The market today in inundated with electric vehicles (EVs). Yes, these highly electric vehicles are here to make your little journeys as smooth and effortless as possible. As a sensible buyer, it’s our duty to research about the various electric vehicles available in the market, before we make that purchase. A sleek body design that will help in maneuverability is, of course, a really important feature to have in the long run. The electric vehicle manufacturers in India today offer EVs body created out of Fibre-reinforced Plastic, or FRP as they are better known, for stronger and bold exteriors.

Not only are the latest electric vehicles are extremely environment friendly, even the process of electric vehicle manufacturing in India has gone eco-compliant to a large extent. The electric vehicles do not pollute our precious environment as they are battery-powered. On top of all this, we have been receiving news that soon enough the market will be introduced with solar energy and wind energy powered electric vehicles. This will reduce the pollution levels and the carbon footprints of these vehicles to a significant extent. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone.


Electric vehicles in the shape of golf cars in India are also enjoying their moment in the sun, and quite literally so. The golf cars have a lot to offer to the Indian connoisseurs who like to move in style. Ample head space and leg space, an enviable value for money in terms of mileage, opportunity to customize your vehicle according to your tastes, the mental peace in the knowledge that the vehicle has virtually no emissions (no exhaust pipes!); these are some of the features that make golf cars so much loved among golf lovers and others.

The electric vehicles of today may not ply India’s super busy and super dense expressways any sooner but they can have a wide range of uses at places such as factories, policing and patrolling, airport terminals, large residential complexes, theme parties, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, malls and exhibition center’s, golf courses, shipping ports, tier 2 and tier 3 cities, small towns or villages and railway stations. Through innovations that speak volumes, the Indian EV industries is all set to expand exponentially, the effects of which will be seen segueing smoothly all around us much sooner than we can imagine.